Visit The Beautiful Lefkada Island

Enjoy a tranquil vacation on beautiful Lefkada Island! Located in the majestic blue Ionian Sea, directly southwest of Ancient Greece,in a group of islands known as Eptanisa, or «seven-islands,» this island is accessible by car, through means of a long boardwalk and a floating bridge, making it one of two islands you can travel to without boat or plane passage. Lefkada Island presents all the characteristics of a typical Mediterranean climate, having mainly wet, hot summers and cool winters. Usually, summer temperatures begin in May and continue through until October, with the hottest months being July and August, making it an ideal summer vacation spot.

There are many magnificent sights to see once you reach land (as well as the majestic, peaceful seas on the trip over). One of the more popular sights are the beaches Porto Katsiki, and Egremni, 45 and 30 kilometers southwest of respectively of Lefkada Town, the island’s bustling capital. Both beaches hold a high ranking spot on the top ten best beaches list, according to It’s long, sandy beaches and fine pebbles are characteristic of the Greek islands, making it a wonderful place to visit for all lovers of nature to relax under the warm sun, and even take in an incredible sunset, As well as a relaxing retreat, this beach also offers one of the best swimming destinations in the whole of Europe. Although most famous as a swimming destination, these beaches offer an excellent sight for sailing, body boarding, and even surfing!

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