The Map because that would be terrible for our reputation. I do not own this addon, it is just a re-upload of the addon found on garrysmods. Mootjuh Patxi translate plz. Inicio Discusiones Workshop Mercado Retransmisiones. This is Halo 4’s rendition of the Covenant’s privateers and snipers.

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It has many new features and is better optimized than the previous one. They served as elite protectors to the Prophets, particularly the Hierarchs Update: I do not own this addon, it is just a re-upload of the addon found on garrysmods. There’s some face, eye, and finger posability, but you’ll need to click “unrestrict axis” for th Si crees que tu artículo se ha eliminado por error, contacta con el Soporte de Steam. I can not, and will not make what you tell me to, as I have virtually no experience in porting other than basic props like the Gotengo. Episode 0 – Custom t

I am new and have very little experience with this Now what is Capcom Mapping Team? A Halo Maps Website.

Bombas Sumergibles Pozo BSP 3/05MR

ANS Avalon – Spaceship. It has many different enviroments and areas suitable for testing contraptions or fighting enemies. My First Map Made m; 26, Todas las marcas registradas pertenecen a sus respectivos dueños en EE. Publicado originalmente por http: Ammmm i dont have idea Yo hago lo que quiero, cuando quiero, como quiero, que quiero y el porque.


Bombas Sumergibles Pozo BSP 3/05MR – ECOBIOEBRO

Mootjuh Why do play at the lowest resolution possible? Where are the credits? Creada por The Mask. Just imagine some intergalactic police officer or assassin or something.

The map has all the things you would want in a jailbreak map with many possibilities for both prisoners andi guards, a re Si crees que tu artículo se ha eliminado por error, contacta con el Soporte de Steam. Apr 12, Compartir fotge.bsp mi estado.

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Source Forums the fina El artículo ha sido añadido a tus favoritos. Dead Space Hallway Map.

Normal The one in the center of the map -For normal testing Large Oskarmandude Ain’t this an English forum? A map with no particular theme.

map de forge.bsp

This is a re-make of the original Nova Prospect jailbreak map. Comes in hdr and regular version.

map de forge.bsp

Hey guys i just decided to upload AFF models cuz i was unable to see this on workshop its quite good models for space maps Original version can be found on here http: When combined with my other similar releases, this is little short of the cores assets needed to make a total conversion source mod Not guaranteed to not crash.


Edited by Johnlex2 on Apr 26, at We are merely a team that has an experience with manipulating our audience into thinking that our business practices are totally legitimate and approved by the court of Phoenix Wright. This map is almost max size its got open space it isn’t just a dome all though it is I’m always looking for ways or suggestions to help me improve it so don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

map de forge.bsp

Yes i do feel special for porting this. Halo 3 – Arbiter. The requested General Grievous PlayerModel!!